Is the First Time always Painful?

My first marketing experience made me question my loyalty to myself, my spirit, and my art.

My first marketing experience made me question my loyalty to myself, my spirit, and my art.

Somewhere in between bliss and chaos a decision had to be made. Whether to rise from the ashes like a phoenix, or wallow in disappointment; it was time to either hold ‘em or fold ‘em.

For 13 years I created art diligently during summer vacations. Each year, I secretly hoped for a sign—a falling leaf, a Yoda whisper, a power outage, basically anything that would tell me, “Quit teaching and focus on your art!”


So as many prepare to go back to school; I decided to delve deeper into the business aspect of art—a huge gray area for me. I started organizing my first marketing campaign. It sounded so simple when the speaker talked about it. All I needed to do was design a flyer, market the event, and people would jump at the opportunity to have original & quality art at affordable prices! That’s the short version.

The long version involves silencing the annoying, pessimistic, party-pooping inner voice that keeps croaking, “Nobody is going to buy anything. Do it over again; it doesn’t look right. You’re gonna make a fool of yourself. WHO would want that? WHERE would they put it?” Yes indeed, somewhere inside of me lives an evil HATER.


Take it easy. Breathe. Trust.

Overall, BE KIND TO YOUR SPIRIT! This is the true lesson hidden inside my first marketing campaign. Thus, somewhere between bliss and chaos, I decided to stop looking for sales to validate me and to become my own cheerleader/biggest fan. In the end, I paint because I LOVE it! It’s a gift I’m compelled to share.

Tell me about your experience. I’d love to hear about it.

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