Think Outside Cooperate America!

Promotion why buy originals

Department stores run by cooperate America have turned into art galleries for the working class, but you have options. Get more for your money!

As a child, the only original paintings in our home were painted by my mother. I felt so proud knowing the history behind the paintings. I gazed at the smooth strokes and was proud that “my mother” had made them. She told me the story behind each one over and over, and I was mesmerized every time.

Even now, when company comes, they comment on the art and I get to tell a delightful story to them as well.

I took this experience for granted; not realizing the only art they had seen in people’s homes came from department stores. The store prints only offered something surface level, while hand-painted originals always come with something more sentimental. It simply doesn’t hang on the wall–it LIVES there and tells you a story!

Although I have an invested interest in the topic, it needs to be said. I’ve seen art on the internet by extremely talented artists with affordable prices and customizing options. So next time you think about decorating, think about crafters & artists; I’m sure it will be well worth your time and money!

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