Traveling Abroad Changed My Life!

Maya Cruise CollageAs I stared out the window of the charter bus going through the countryside of Spain, I suddenly felt a sense of pride fill my heart. Initially, I had debated between paying up my car and going to Spain–it seemed like an irresponsible financial decision; but an Army veteran and close friend assured me that it would be the trip of a lifetime. Indeed it was!

Growing up poor in an urban community had silently taught me that certain things were real and not real for single, black, teenage mothers like me. Seeing mountains, castles, and historical ruins wasn’t real; and we definitely didn’t get treated as ‘equals’. (My Spanish speaking ability quickly made me a commodity amongst the white university students in my group.)

While gazing at those mountains, I thought of my son’s father, who had thrown me away like trash. I thought about the slaves that had been tortured and killed. And I thought of those who had fought so bravely for me to be FREE! My heart says that God showed me those mountains to remind me that I AM who I decide to be; and nobody has the power to decide for me.


Lesson: “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!”

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