Painting Gifts for Christmas! I better get started…


24x30 acrylic painting. Print only available $35 PayPal

Since 2007, I have indulged myself as a painter. What started as a small hobby quickly turned into a passion! So my collection of original, loving works has grown drastically. About 3 years ago, I started painting to release tension. It has been my therapy to help create something beautiful from whatever I may be feeling. It’s my way of being optimistic and looking on the bright side.
With that being understood, I’ve NEVER been able to catch the Christmas spirit. My anxiety tends to keep me from doing Christmas shopping. I can’t tolerate all the madness that goes on during such a beautiful season. So days countdown and I’m usually the one stuck doing all the shopping on Christmas Eve from the 24-hour pharmacy. Nobody cares that I don’t give good gifts;they just smile and move on to the next present. But deep down, I care. Each year, I vow to do better. I remember when internet shopping first became available. I have thought it was the answer to my prayers. Excitedly, I had ordered everyone gifts in advance, but to my disappointment, most of the gifts were very small trinkets.
This year I have a new plan. In an effort to give gifts that are quality and heart felt, I have decided to make original artwork for my family and friends. This way my collection of paintings in my house will not increase and I will be able to share my talent with others. I hope that this plan can lead to a Christmas that pleases everyone!

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