Lost in Space


I’ve been off the scene, stuck in artist block. This piece is unfinished. I’m just lost in space right now.


As a self taught artist, I sometimes find it difficult to paint ideas of paintings that I imagine. Many times, I have to start a painting and let it develop naturally. In this instance, I attempted to paint an idea that I wanted to portray, but I was uninspired and didn’t feel any emotion as a brushed the strokes. Anyone who knows me knows how much I value my emotions and feelings; thus, to continue painting without emotion proved impossible.

Then, there was a huge storm that left me without electricity for an entire week! At that time, inspiration filled my heart. It was as if a light suddenly illuminated my heart–even without electricity! The strokes flowed from my brush like a river.

In the end, the painting is the same idea that I wanted to convey initially, but the image has been transformed into something more abstract. Some people have told me they prefer the original version; but I greatly prefer the revision.

Mother of the Universe

16×20 stretched canvas spray paint and acrylic contact mrperez78@hotmail.com to purchase




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