Mother of the Universe


I’m not the type of artist who can see something and paint it. For years I was down on myself because I didn’t feel good enough.
Fortunately for me, a former English student of mine helped me find my confidence. She made me feel my art instead of using logic. This technique may not be everyone’s approach,  but it flows so much easier and develops naturally; like all things in life!
The difference between the before and after was is this: my first attempt was to paint what I saw. The after picture is painting what I felt. It’s a bit abstract, and several people has asked what it meant. However, I don’t like explaining my paintings because there’s really no right or wrong answer–different people will give me completely different interpretations and they’ll both be right! Sometimes you guys help see things that were subconsciously on my mind.
But if you want to know what I was thinking, I was thinking about the world and the universe which is inside her belly and surrounding her.
Women give birth to life, and as long as there’s life; there’s hope!
If your interpretation is different, please comment! I’ve already heard some others, and they are still right because I know my feelings.


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