Honorable Queen


$9.99 9x12in mrperez78@hotmail.com to purchase

The history of this illustration comes from some time that I was spending outside in nature. There were a flock of birds flying over me as if putting on a show. I like to look at coincidences as a way to communicate with something higher. Many people they may look at the birds and not think twice; but I imagined that they we’re presenting their Queen with a special ceremony.
As the birds flew over me forming different shapes in the sky, I imagined they were inviting me to fly with them. I was so entranced by their glory, my friend had to ask where I was mentally. I said the birds wanted to show me the big picture by inviting me to fly with them.
In the end, I had this overwhelming peaceful feeling of being comforted. My imagination said that the birds honored me and wanted me to know that I shouldn’t worry because everything was already ok, even though I can’t see it yet.
I made this piece to honor that feeling and to pass the message to others!


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