Artist vs. Black Artist

As a child, I was taught to be open minded and accepting of other races, cultures, and people. In addition, since I’m black and bilingual; I seem to be one of those persons who is frequently asked, “What are you?” when referring to my ethnic background. For many reasons, I detest this question. Why so many people need to check a box to classify someone is beyond me.

Even as a child, I was teased because I was too proper and nerdy for my African-American peers. Furthermore, I was too ghetto to be accepted into the “nerd” community. I honestly thought things would be different as an adult; but they haven’t changed very much.

Recently, I have been trying to develop an online art business. Selling art is not an easy thing for many artists. One very important aspect is identifying and reaching my target audience. Now, here is where my past comes back to haunt me.

Much of my art is inspirational, whimsical, or abstract; but it falls short of what many consider black art. Furthermore, since images tend to include ethnic females; it’s also not universal.

My art, like myself, is suffering from an on-going identity crisis. It’s hard to choose a side while staying true to your heart that says something different.


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