Always wear your invisible Crown

Afrocentric black art afro queen

11×16 mixed media $24.99

Many times in this world we get lost in society. Sometimes I feel like I’m just a number, a statistic, or a mechanical robot. It’s my nature to fight against the drones in society that want us to fall victim of being what and who everyone else wants us to be.
This piece is another reminder to myself and other women, that you no matter how many times you are passed over for that promotion or that relationship–you are still a queen. Don’t internalize your bosses’ mistakes. Don’t internalize that relationship that didn’t work out because you knew it wasn’t any good for you.

Trump can talk, “locker room” talk and guys laugh and cheer, but what about all the women who tweeted on the hashtag, “notok”? Why is the sex trade the most popular ring next to the illegal selling of drugs in 2016? We as women quite frequently are on the short end of the stick when it comes to being valued, respected, and encouraged.

This life does not guarantee us happiness. That is something we must all search inward to find.

So remember LADIES, ALWAYS WEAR YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN! Others might not see it, but me; it’s still there!

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