#Dream Power #artwork by Creative Illusion

mixed media ethnic painting inspiration dreamr

11×14 mixed media $27.99 mrperez78@hotmail.com

On my last painting titled, Dream on and amateur art critic told me I should have integrated blue. BUT, I didn’t want to stretch my creativity to figure out where to add the blue! Then, I remembered telling a good friend that I’m never afraid to sell my originals like she is, because if I painted it once; it will be easy breezy painting another. My friend was horrified by the idea of having to do something all over again, but it made sense.

So I decided to take my own advice and made a remix of the first painting  with a few things done differently. I am so happy that I did! In fact, this painting ended up being a combination of two paintings I’d previously painted. I love this painting so much, because the quote represents me, the style represents me, and the colors are so intriguing. And I’m not just saying that because I painted it, but I really feel a deep connection and a sense of stillness.

The moral of the story is: Don’t be afraid to dream, try, fail, start over, or keep going!

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