Artwork: Sunshine & Moonlight

Do you ever feel like giving up on your dreams? Several years ago, a spark was reignited inside of me that gave me the urge to paint. Since then, I’ve painted so many images that I needed to reduce my clutter; which gave me the bright idea of selling my artwork.

When I decided to sell my artwork, I quickly realized the reason for the phrase, “starving artist”. Since then, I have been working to improve my craft and marketing skills, while still holding down a full-time job.

Lately, I’ve finally begun to see my voice developing into something mystical and beautiful. In fact, I’m very proud to see the improvements due to hard work and dedication. Also, since I work full-time; I have taken to giving make-overs to some of my earlier works. This painting is one that I made back around 2012; but I was never really happy with it. (Some of my friends thought it was cute and if you check my previous posts, you can see the original.) I decided to give this piece a make-over, because the meaning behind it is still so relevant in my life. I look to the sun, moon, and stars every day for peace and beauty.

I’m now proud of, “Sunshine & Moonlight” as it is a reminder of never giving up. Although, I have goals of selling all of my artwork online; I also have goals of growing and developing as an artist; and this painting represents that for me.

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