“UnApologetically Sexy” Art Collection by Maya Perez


afro black queen art

“I woke up like this!” –Beyonce

Have you ever been given a “compliment” that hurt your feelings?

The word “sexy” has always made my teeth cringe! It’s something that acceptance and forgiveness has taught me to just smile and say “thank you”. If you’re wondering why I was offended, it’s because it made me feel insecure. So I’ve been working on my insecurities.

The “Unapologetically Sexy” collection was born under those same insecurities. Many times I’ll paint naked women–for no particular reason other than I think there’s something naturally magical about her–and the first thing people say is “why’s she naked?”

For a long time that made me uncomfortable; like I should start painting clothes on them so people would like it. And, indeed, I began painting women with clothes on! (at least some had clothes on)

But as I live and learn, I am learning to accept that I AM who I am. I choose to express myself through poetry, dance, art, photography, and many more ways. My life is a gift to me that I intend to live in a way that honors my spirit! By honoring my spirit, I honor my Creator!



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