What does my art stand for?

Afrocentric art painting african american queen

Much more than a simple image

Whenever I paint, I want my art to stand for something. Mostly, I strive to create a feeling, a message, or an emotion I’m trying to deal with.

I love when viewers look deeper into the image. For a while, I worked at a bar, and I’d casually show customers my art. Many times they’d read my feelings like an open book! Sometimes they’d even show me things I was feeling that I was unaware of–helping me realize things about myself. Of course, I had shown my art to people in professional environments; but, I’d never gotten more than “Nice!” or “Talented!”

When the people in the bar actually spoke to me about what they believe the picture was saying or how I was feeling, I learned that I was doing something much more than simply creating a picture. It was then, that I understood that my paintings come from my heart–and by connecting with my image; he/she is connecting with my heart as well!

In this day, where everything seems robotic and monotonous; it feels wonderful to speak about deeper feelings and make a connection. That  is why I always aim for something deeper. To feel there is a purpose to my art adds value to my life.

So when you see my art and look deeper; know that you are getting a glimpse into my soul.


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