Spring: My New Year

Spring: My New Year

I don’t know about you, but counting down the new year in freezing cold weather is not very motivating. In fact, it’s almost counter productive in my case because I only want to hibernate in the cold.

Studies show most of the New Year resolutions have fizzled by spring; and if I had pledged to have a bikini body by summer; I’ve drastically fallen short. That is why I have declared that I will continue to honor the traditional New Year in January; however, I won’t seriously begin any new projects until spring.

As an adult we have the right to adjust our lives to fit our needs. Spring provides so much excitement; new energy, and new life; it almost seems quite natural for spring to be a great choice when starting anew.

This idea didn’t come to me easily. Over the years, I have vowed to go to the gym when I know inclement weather always stands there like a thorn to discourage me. It’s a recipe for failure.

However, New Year in spring sounds so much more lovely. Just imagine those 30 day magic recipes to whip your body into shape. If you start in April; you might just be more motivated knowing that summer is vacation is just around the corner. With each new blossom, I’ve started to feel rejuvenated. I’ve been making healthier choices and feel so much more capable now that the weather is bright and inspiring.

2018, is the first time I noticed that my body naturally feels refreshed and rejuvenated in the spring. So, I’ve started on my vision board and I know I’ll be better prepared in the years to come.

The easiest way for me to fail is by trying to do something the way somebody else tells me to do it. For some reason, I just can’t get the hang of it their way. I have to stop, get quiet, and feel my way through it. That’s the best way for me!

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