4 Quick Tips: Get your Business Holiday Ready!

Since social media was introduced entreprenuership has exploded! Some have been in business for years, others are just beginning.

When I first started doing business, I was always behind. I missed out on Black Friday, and I didn’t even know it was Small Business Saturday until that Saturday! My stomach dropped and I felt so lost. But this year I started early! I swore I’d be ready as soon as I started seeing Christmas decorations in the store.

Here are 4 tips to make sure your business is ready for the holidays:

Update your webpage and social media. Some people update their social media and webpages frequently, others don’t. If you are one who does not update regularly, take this time to make sure your webpage and social media are up to par. You never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression, so make it count. . . . which leads to the second tip.

Set the mood. Get festive! Catch the holiday spirit–it’s contagious! Even people who don’t usually shop online will be visiting your pages this holiday season, so let’s set the mood. Even the smallest changes can work wonders! Not sure how? Put a seasonal profile pic. Change your cover photo. Change the theme. Make sure people feel the spirit.

Make shopping easy. Have you ever been prepared to buy something and couldn’t figure out how to do it? I recently purchased some body scrub from someone locally. I was using my cellphone to navigate through her page; but couldn’t figure out how to make my selection. Luckily, I didn’t want to go somewhere else; but if I didn’t personally know her, I would have! People shouldn’t have to figure out how to give you money…ijs.

Another time, I was looking through my own social media and realized that nowhere did it say that the art I was posting was actually for sale! So just make sure it’s as simple as possible for potential customers.

Make a plan. There nothing worse than trying to advertise the day of something–trust me, I’ve done it. I’ve learned my lesson and made a plan. Now I know to make promotions. I will have specials for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and a campaign during December. What is your strategy?

Hopefully, these 4 tips can point you in the right direction if you’re lost or unsure about what to do like I was. You live and learn. Now, I’ve learned to set myself up for success!

Can you think of anything else I missed?


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