buzz word: Brand Advocate

Brand advocates are becoming a popular form of small business marketing. But what are they?

Brand advocates are a cross between influencers and hype men. These loyal customers promote your brand on social media mostly just because they think your brand is awesome. They also like to share their opinions and connect people with information. Think of brand advocates as a personal reference or testimony— which is genuinely more authentic.

How do you recognize potential advocates? Search information like sales records and email marketing statistics to identify potential advocates. Also, think about online reviewers and people who often post on your topic. Even employees could become brand advocates.

Once you have identified some prospects, reach out to them. Make a real connection and engage with them. Remember this is a two-way street. The purpose is to build meaningful relationships like They Are Your VIP.
How do you utilize a brand advocate? Encourage sharing testimonials and attractive visual content about your products. Keep it simple, but don’t forget to add the contact details, hashtags, and brand names.
Overall, brand advocates are great for building your audience and promoting your product.

What do you think? I’d love to read your comments.

For a more detailed description, read the original article published on titled, “How to market with Brand Advocates” by Rieva Lesonsky.

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