Whose life are you living?

AHHHHH!!! Seriously, I got so tired of living the life of a robot that I had to step back and say, WTH?? For years, I was MISERABLE inside and didn’t even know why. Finally, enough was enough and I started to do some soul searching.

That’s when I realized that I was living a lie! My life wasn’t meant to be lived though the filter of other people’s ideas, expectations, and demands. I wasn’t rich and ideas like joy would come after … I finished school, got that job, my kids were bigger, my savings was fatter, and all my bills were paid.  Once I put it into perspective, I saw how that way of thinking could lead to a lifetime of never actually find time for joy. I made the decision to change.

Instead a of Rihanna’s popular song, WORK WORK WORK. My song would be WORK yoga WORK creativity WORK travel!

Intentionally organizing my life to include my own personal successes has greatly improved my quality of life. And that’s something they won’t teach you in school.

With my new philosophy, I went from: depressed, hopeless, and angry to hopeful, energetic, and fit! I honestly can’t believe I am the same person.


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