Inside the Mind of Creative Illusion



Creative Ilusion Bio

My original name (Maya), means Creative Illusion.  My love for art began as soon as I was able to hold a pencil! Countless watercolors and coloring books opened my heart to the joy of creating beautiful pictures. Since I find inspiration in everyday feelings/emotions, my art is like a peek into my journal. Paying special attention to feelings of happiness, sadness, worry, and discomfort is essential to telling a visual story.

See my Art Gallery to view complete list sale items.

Click the link to see how I combine art and poetry in an online collection of short poetry.


Contact me for commission paintings!

4 thoughts on “Inside the Mind of Creative Illusion

  1. Very nice Ms. Maya. Seems this brings youtube full potential out. Keep on striving in the direction in which makes you feel the joys of life. Best wishes! Loving you energy!


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